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your life

the mini-course

Imagine designing your life around what you want; while still being true to everything you need!

we help people start to dream again in 3 easy steps;  

so they can live a life that they enjoy, without buying into the definition of success that society puts on you

"I feel like a robot in my own life"

"My family comes first, so I don't have time for me"

"I don't deserve to be any  happier when there are so many people who have nothing!"

"My life is okay, but just okay"

"There is lots of time left to live my life, I just need to focus on my family right now"

well, that's all absolute bullshit!

what if these are the exact stories that are getting

in your way of really enjoying your life?

design your life

the mini-course

if you are happy with "getting though" life, then by all means continue to just get by,

but if you are ready to really design a life that you love and take action to live into that dream this is the place for you!


Way 1

get connected to your values


Way 2

what's holding you back


Way 3

create a plan of action

"A life well-lived is one intentionally infused with joy, fun, and laughter!"

This is the exact reason Jen and Callie created

design your life

~ Jen, CEO Intentional You Coaching and Consulting

the mini-course


I don't have time for training.

I've got shit to get done now!

I know that time is a big deal to you.  I have been there! Taking time out of your day seems so counter-intuitive.


What I know for sure is if you don't try something different, then everything will continue to feel exactly it does right now. 


How long do you think you can keep operating like this before you burnout?


So what exactly will I learn?

getting clear on what is really important

  • we will start with identifying your personal values and how to use them to guide your life decisions

  • learn how to define what success really looks like to you (not to everyone one else, just to you

  • we will use the 7 layers deep tool to anchor your definition of success even deeper


all about mindset

  • we will dig into your habits to see what might be holding you back from creating your dream life

  • explore creating new habits and thoughts patterns to support your life design

  • look into how smaller bitesize goals will keep you propelled forward 




  • after 3 weeks we can explore what is working and what needs to be shifted up

  • design a system for yourself to keep you on track and accountable

  • continue to look into ways to keep your dream life alive and fresh through the doubt

We know that you can get this training anywhere, but training with Jen and Callie is different.


They actually cares about your results

not just about disseminating information!

Don't just take our word for it,

scroll below to see what others like you are saying about the way they deliver training


Jen is amazing.  You can see her passion truly helping others find their passion. She is down to earth and makes you feel like you can do anything. She also makes things fun!  I would recommend working with Jen! She has a way of providing you with the support you need. She is a genuine person and so passionate about helping people. 

— Robyn M

Letting the edges of my comfort zone be more fluid; which has brought much-needed opportunity and energy back into my life.   She gives me language when things are foggy; She challenges me by holding me in one spot when I want to squirm to something that is more comfortable; She is able to borrow from her wealth of professional experience and provide stories/mentorship if that is what is needed in the moment.

— Jill R


I learned things from Jenn – it wasn’t the same old repackaged webinar.  Her credentials got my attention since I run into a lot of people trying to pull me in their direction.  She possessed a sincerity and authenticity that is rare.  I now have my goals on a whiteboard next to my desk and I look at it every day and have already taken action.  It makes me feel productive and happy with myself.  She also taught me about finding my tribe and I started implementing that into my goal setting.  Yes, I honestly meet 100’s of people in a year and I have a keen eye for fraud.  I have a lot of people that try for mine or my husband’s attention and time and money.  I liked Jenn right off and have shared things that I would not feel comfortable sharing with others.  She is the Coach that a Leader could turn too.  She absolutely gets my highest recommendation. 

- Roberta M

The realization that I am not alone in my struggle to have joy. Being in the room with others who are also searching and getting to hear some of their thoughts and experiences. I think that helped in the learning process of what Jen was teaching.  I would definitely recommend working with Jen. She is a very positive person and really has a way of connecting with you.

- Kim S

ask Callie and Jen your question about

the design your life mini-workshop


still have questions?

no worries, I get it


parting with your valuable time

has to absolutely worth it!

email Jen and Callie with your questions

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