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Find Your Balance and Connect
to Your Joy 

  • Rediscover Your Joy

  • Find Balance in your Life

  • Redefine Success

  • Take Back Your Control

If you feel a little like a robot in your life...     are you exhausted all the time...     that you are only going through the motions of your life...   is your to do list so overwhelming...    then keep reading.

If you feel its time to take back your life, that you want to find balance and fun in your life again, and you have tried everything and just cannot get ahead... then this message is just for you.

I have built a program that I wished I would have had to take back my life.  I have taken all of my tips, practices and processes that I used to find my joy and put it in this program. 

My beautiful friend, know that you are not alone in this.  So many people are feeling stuck right now.  They are stuck in their jobs, in their relationships and in their lives.  

Collectively, we need to redefine what success looks like.  Redefining success is something that you have to do the work to do yourself.  However though my methods, my guidance and the community we create you will be able to feel alive in your life, feel balanced and grounding and be able to connect your joy in each moment.

Most people just wait for the solution to come to them, they want something to be different and don’t know where to start.  And some people want things to be different, but aren’t willing to put in the effort to change.  

I am going to level with your right now.  If you are looking for your outside world to look and feel different, you first have to change your inside world.  This is the where this program focuses on.  You will walk away with the tools, the plans and support to do the work!

How 6
focusing on
Joy will
serve you

Each weekend is specifically designed to lead you through the process and practices that will help you get in touch with your joy.  

At the end of the 3 months you will feel you have your life back and have a plan for what is the most important things in your life.

We will teach you to remember how to dream.  Remember dreaming, when we used our imagination to enhance our present moment. 

You will be exposed to practices that allow your body to connect to your mind all while forgetting your to do list if only for a few hours.

At the end of the program you will feel and see joy in your life and trust in your own ability to find this joy as it exists in your everyday life. 

I guarantee that there are amazing things that are happening around you everyday, this program will help you focus on and see these small things each day.  It is never the big events in our lives that are the things that really make the difference.  It is all of the small moments, the inside jokes and the everyday beauty that adds up to a life worth living.

​The community we co-create will surround you with a safe space to explore creating a life of joy and keep you accountable to how you wanted to see and feel the world around you.

Fall 2024...

Spots Are BOOKED for Spring 2024!
Message me below to be on the 
Fall 2024 waitlist!

If you are feeling any or all of these

  • disconnected from your souls purpose...  

  • that your light has been dulled by the energy of society...   

  • that you are only going through the motions of your life...     

  • out of touch with your innate gifts...     

  • waiting for someone to come along and make things all better...     

  • you are giving away your power...     

  • without a purpose and a tribe...     

  • lackluster in your own life...     

  • completely exhausted...

Then the Intentional Joy Weekends are just
what you need to find balance, joy and
connection to your life again!

You only get one life in this body....   
Isn’t it time to enjoy it?

Want to learn more? Book your free discovery call to speak with Jen about your individual journey.

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