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With over 25 years experience working in leadership positions (6 of which were at VP level), Jennifer Ehrmantraut knows what it takes to motivate your team, help you create and successfully carry out strategic plans, exceed budget expectations and balance the day-to-day operations while maintaining focus on the company vision. 

As a Certified Professional Accountant, Jennifer’s focus was on the management of organizations, leading both large (>1000 staff) and small teams and managing budgets in excess of $300M.

She gained her Executive Coaching Qualification with Royal Roads University and member of the International Coaching Federation.


The Connected Leader

Lack of confidence in one’s self is the number one thing that holds people back from stepping into their potential. Developing confidence is the foundation of this program -infused in every singe module.  

24 x one (1) hour support sessions for leaders, delivered every two weeks over a year. 

Part of the session will be focused on a specific leadership topic and incorporate a coach and mentor approach to build the skills necessary to be a top leader. Starting as early as after our first session, you will start to see positive changes in your emerging leaders.  Over the year you will observe the emerging leaders increased confidence and application of new skills through:

Timely decision

  • Better interaction with their teams

  • Increased work performance

  • Improved business management

  • Improved time management

  • Increased efficiency

  • Better relationships

  • Improved communication


This non-credit certification course, the Connected Leader Program, is designed to work in-person with individuals to drive the best learning, retention and results.  The 24 modules are designed to be one hour each, with a combination of content delivery and coaching / mentoring that is individually tailored, however delivery can also be condensed to weekly depending on employee schedules, vacations and timing.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

When you hear that it’s time for strategic planning, do you roll your eyes and start thinking of excuses to get out of the day? Is the last strategic plan still sitting in a pile, with dust on it because it was not referred to even once since it was created?

In my 20+ years of working for large private and public organizations, I know all too well the work, thought and energy that goes into creating a strategic plan.  The feeling of accomplishment that comes at the end of the session because you have solid direction to give the organization and you think that this time is going to be different. And then the very next day, you get sucked back into that pattern of responding to immediate, and seemingly urgent issues and forget that you even developed a strategy. The pattern continues every day until before you know it, a year has gone by and it is time to refresh the plan that you never even had a chance to implement.  

Sound familiar?


I have a different approach to strategic planning;  a two-pronged approach, that comes with setting the direction and support for key players on the executive team, to keep the plan top of mind.  

No “wordsmithing” exercises. No time wasted arguing about correct comma placements.

What we will do is focus on getting clear about what you do, who you serve, why your company exists and how you measure success, to create the north star that will guide your organization into the future.  

Walk away with both high level direction AND a functional plan with one huge difference: executive coaching services to not just make the plan but also take action.

Fully customizable.

Example inclusions:

2 x day strategic planning session:  this includes prep to get to know your organization, conversations with key individuals to be clear on what you want to walk away with

3 x one hour sessions: one-on-one executive coaching calls with the Board Chair to support the direction

3 x one hour sessions: one-on-one executive coaching calls with the CEO to provide support to operationalize and implement the direction

Corporate Coaching

Corporate Coaching

From one (1) hour to multi-day events, within your organization, Jennifer will work with you to develop packages that suit your individual requirements so as to maximize your results.   

Topics tackled:

  • Creating a powerful team

  • Developing leaders within your organization

  • Goal setting that works!

  • Improving team meetings

  • Staying focused and relaxed while managing large projects

  • Importance of health and wellness for you and your team

  • Rediscovering joy and passion in work

  • Better prioritization and more effective use of time

  • Identifying and overcoming barriers

  • Improving recruitment and staff retention

“Professional coaching brings many wonderful benefits: fresh perspectives on personal challenges, enhanced decision-making skills, greater interpersonal effectiveness, and increased confidence. And, the list does not end there.” - International Coaching Federation

Coaching with Jennifer is unique in every instance - no cookie cutter presentations!

Team Building

Team Building

Coaching with Jennifer is unique in every instance - no cookie cutter presentations!

When you think of team building do you immediately picture singing kumbaya and hugging? Well, that will certainly bring a team closer together, but it might be quite awkward around the office for a bit first.

All joking aside, I know you understand the value of team building but there is usually no time for it.  Here are some ways to know that has gotten to the point where you need to clear time for team building.  


Are you:

  • Having to play referee between employees

  • Constantly being pulled into arguments

  • Spending more time on human resource issues at the expense of focusing on the strategy

  • Considering letting someone go, but not sure who, you only know something has got to change

  • Getting the sense that there is no trust on the team

  • Avoiding the tough conversations because you are not sure where to start

  • Wondering if it is time for you to move on

  • Fed up with the lack of respect in the office

  • Frustrated your meetings feel like groundhogs day of rehashing old items and never getting to a decision

  • Tired of hearing about the meeting after the meeting

  • Feeling that something is just a little off kilter

If you are saying yes to any of these things then it is time to bring the team together and refocus on what is important.

 Trust and an integrated team doesn’t just happen overnight (even though we wish it did). That being said, you will see results quickly if you have a team that is willing to participate.

Although fully customizable, the most successful model starts with a three (3) hour group session with you and your team to focus in on areas of concern and where you want to shift. After that session, I then work one-on-one with each member of the team once a week for a month, on 30 minute coaching calls. This level of accountability and focus has been proven to solidify the success of the program.

You will walk away with a team that is engaged and able to focus back on their goals.  You will notice improved communication, the ability to see things from a different perspective, increased trust and lasting results.  My point of difference: executive coaching services to actually make a lasting impact.  

The failure that I see in most organizations is they are easily excited about a half-day or full day of team building, but when the event is over, fall quickly back into old patterns of interaction.  Given that the latest studies show it takes two months to change a habit, team building cannot be viewed as one day event - it is a journey that requires continued effort.  

For more information and to discuss your fully customized corporate coaching proposal, email:

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