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“Jennifer came to Plainsview Credit Union as a coach for our Executive and Management team. We knew immediately she was right for our organization. He open attitude, experience and willingness to get involved. Her involvement has helped turn around our company culture with a much more open environment and so many great coaching conversations happening at all levels. I am happy to recommend Jennifer to any company who wants to have engaged employees.”

- Fintan R, Canada

“Jennifer’s incredible energy and motivation are contagious. I have attended some of her workshops and have to say that her insightfulness and mindful approach created an environment for connection, reflection, and growth. I have truly had invaluable light bulb moments during her courses. If you are seeking a resource for personal for professional development, I highly recommend her.”

- Robin T, Canada

“I was very fortunate to have participated in several workshops facilitated by Jennifer as part of the Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy. Jennifer is very engaging, is generous in sharing her expertise and insights, and encourages thoughtful discussion. I always left her workshops feeling empowered and excited to apply what I learned.”

- Colleen M, Canada

“When I joined the Government after a long career in the private sector, honestly speaking I was skeptical about the type of people who work in Government due to some serious misconception I previously had. Chief destroyer of that misconception was Jennifer Ehrmantraut. In my first meeting with her, I was in awe of Jen’s ability to command the room and get people on board with ideas—even people who were initially on completely different pages. On top of that, she had a remarkable ability to challenge others and to help others develop as a leader themselves.


So when the opportunity came through my organizations' leadership development program to seek out a mentor within the organization, I chose Jen as my mentor, in a heartbeat. Jen’s mentoring has helped me to enhance my leadership potential and be recognized by top management for the value I bring to the organization. Jen's mentorship philosophy is based on setting up goals and then working towards them. She has helped me align, commit and stay focused on the right goals significantly helping maximize my ability to influence at higher levels.


Jen possesses great insight and knowledge, which she is able to convey clearly and with enthusiasm. Her energy is infectious, motivating and encouraging and I have already seen the benefits in my leadership skills, my promotion prospects and my quality of life.”

- Faisal K, Canada

“Working with Jennifer has been the ideal coaching experience for me. At the risk of sounding cliché, she has helped me to understand and leverage my strengths while encouraging me to adjust my beliefs and behaviours to achieve my goals. She brings a unique and varied background. I knew very quickly in our coaching relationship that she "got me" - she understood what I needed and how to help me get there, with complete candour! I fully recommend Jennifer as a personal or executive coach.”

- Betty R, Canada

“I had the opportunity to work with Jennifer during my masters program at the Johnson Shoyama School of Public Policy. She is passionate in whatever she does bringing a positive energy into the room. She is very knowledgeable and brings a wide variety of expertise through her past experiences. I have thoroughly enjoyed being coached by Jennifer, her approach to policy making and life are inspirational! ”

- Ragini P, Canada

“Jennifer is a great trainer and facilitator. She provides materials in a relevant and effective way because she listens to the needs of her audience. She’s also interested in learning and growing as a whole person and her enthusiasm and curiosity are contagious!”

- Angela F, Canada

“Jennifer was one of two coaches when I was on my college's national public policy case competition team. Her critical and enthusiastic approach challenged us but always inspired us to do better. What I recall most clearly is the outside-the-box approach she took to policymaking and the energy with which she advocated for the best policies, something that shattered my pre-conceived image of the bureaucratic attitude. Her instruction was one of the best experiences of the competition. If you have an opportunity to work with Jennifer, do so. She will put you on the path to be the best you can be.”

- Aaron H, Canada

“Jennifer is a strong facilitator. She connects well with her audience through both confidence and tangible examples/anecdotes. She clearly has a lot of experience and perspective to share.”

- Cosanna P, Canada

“Jen really altered my perspective on some challenges that I was facing. By making me look at my own behaviours and what I could control, I was able to meet those challenges much more productively and find solutions that I wouldn’t have otherwise. I highly recommend her services!”

- Jill Z, Canada

“It is amazing to see someone like Jennifer who has truly found her passion in life and is pursuing it. There is no stopping her and I advise everyone to jump on her bandwagon and go along for the ride. If you don’t you’re missing out!”

- Charlotte S, Canada

“I was fortunate to find Jennifer at a time when I was facing a new role and having a crisis of confidence. As a coach, she was that person in my corner who helped me to get past the stories I was telling myself and believe that I could not only be successful, but enjoy the journey. Jennifer is truly authentic and brings her heart and soul to her coaching. If you're ready to get real and grow as a leader, Jennifer is an awesome executive coach to bring into your corner. ”

- Michele H, Canada

“For the month of February 2020 our small but mighty team of nine Early Childhood Educators was focusing on how we can improve the ways we promote social emotional development for the children in our care. As I went through the outcomes, I had the realization that many of the skills that we are tasked with teaching, we ourselves need to work on (self worth, self awareness, regulation and understanding our emotions, resolving conflicts and empathy). That’s where Jennifer came in. Jennifer and I communicated (after finding her through a google search!) and I gave her a very vague description of what I knew our team needed; my goal was to have a session that would start a ripple effect of mentally healthy adults supporting young children with their social emotional development. Jen delivered so much more than I could have hoped for! She offered us an inspiring one hour workshop where we were given time to reflect on we show up as leaders for the children. A week later and our team (including myself) are taking action on the self care commitments we have made for ourselves. Thank you Jen for reminding us that we need to lead ourselves first before we can lead others!. ”

- Nadeema G, Canada

“Jennifer delivered a 90-minute session to our group of 55 tourism professionals. Her workshop was dynamic, insightful and relevant. She brought an energy and positivity to our time together that lit the room engaging all who were there. Her session was a highlight of our day!”

- Joan M, Canada

I have had the opportunity of working with Jennifer Ehrmantraut for the past 3 years both individually in an Executive Coaching capacity and also as a trainer for our team at the Saskatchewan Trucking Association Group of Companies.  I have benefited personally from Jennifer’s insight in dealing with group dynamics and also about how my leadership style affects my team and what sorts of things I need to consider to continually improve my own interactions with my team.    She has helped me re-think how I show up and what my expectations of my team are and how to deliver the message directly and gain results.  Jennifer is direct yet compassionate and she has really taught me to accept the fact that I don’t know to change who I am to be a great leader and that kindness will win every time.


I have learned a tremendous amount from Jennifer from setting boundaries for myself and my team, being direct and honest and laying out expectations clearly.  She recently helped me work through a difficult employee situation and I was able to talk through things with her and set out a clear path forward for the individual.  I reported back to Jennifer that it was one of my most successful review and engagement with the employee and that it worked.


I would highly recommend Jennifer Ehrmantraut for Executive and Leadership coaching for individuals or teams.


- Susan E, Canada

“Jennifer is an excellent no nonsense coach. Her style of coaching provided me with excellent insight and much needed advice. I truly appreciated Jennifer’s genuine commitment and attention to me. Her help has been invaluable and she truly cares about what she does. Thank you Jennifer, you really made a difference in my life.”

- Kathleen M, Canada

“Jennifer brings a genuine abundance of energy and enthusiasm to coaching and leadership development that can be rare to find. Her advice and mentoring nudged me to advanced my education, and I've often thought of her words and actions as I progress through my life and career. I'm lucky to have crossed paths with her as a government executive, a graduate instructor, and a coach, and she has been exceptional in all those roles.”

- Jared D, Canada

“Jennifer’s no nonsense approach and coaching questions are both insightful and effective. Her natural ability to cut through the daily patterns and unearth the nuggets of learning are a gift to her clients.”

- Monique G, Canada

“Jennifer's powerful presence and genuine desire to be in service to her clients is amazing. She is direct and to the point; speaking her mind, and holding clients capable of greatness. It is inspiring to work with such an amazing individual!”

- Gordon L, Canada

“Jennifer is a strong leader.


I don't typically write these but I feel Jen deserves more recommendations like this. She is one of those leaders that impacts organizational change. Over the past 5 years I have worked with her in the Public Service, I have seen her lead change and shift the culture of an entire organization. She does this without many noticing that she is one of the driving forces. She opens all employees minds and hearts and engages everyone to become better leaders. Sustained change happens by empowering employees to make their own improvements in which Jen leads in our organization. Without her leadership and programs, our company would not be moving in the right direction at such a fast speed.

Keep up the solid work!”

- Adam H, Canada

“Jennifer brings a commitment to coaching to allow for her clients to realize all that possible. She focuses on what the client wants to accomplish while providing thoughtful and probing questions to create the envisioned future. In my experience Jennifer is a coach I would highly recommend working with to obtain your desired outcomes.”

- Kim M, Canada

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