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One-on-One Coaching Program


six; 30-minute Coaching Sessions

The Catalyst

n - the spark that brings you to see the good shit in life This program is designed to give you more clarity to find joy in the journey.

The Catalyst
The Catalyst

Time & Location

One-on-One Coaching Program

six; 30-minute Coaching Sessions

About The Event

How you feel now...

Fuck I have so much going on, I have no time to focus on me.

My job, my partner, my kids, my job (wait, I already said that one), the dishes, the laundry, the groceries, all take up so much fucking time!  I am not sure what would ever get accomplished without me being on top of it all.

There is also this part of me that feels guilty because I have a pretty fucking good life.  Really by all standards I have it all, the spouse, the house, the kids, the dog and the career, we are even considering getting a boat.

I practice gratitude but want to say fuck you and your fucking gratitude practice.  I crave more, something is missing and I don't know what it is or where to start, so I just sit and wait and endure this beautiful unfulfilled life.

How you can feel after...

Listen you are not a spaz or anything, I know you just want to feel like the bomb again!  I get it.  Strutting around in your mini-skirt feeling the excitement of being alive.  Maybe it was all the Aqua-Net, but damn you felt good!

This program is designed to re-connect you with that girl that was told she could do anything she wanted.  It will bring you clarity, confidence, and an intentionality in one area of your life.  Maybe you want to focus on more than one area, but fuck we gotta start somewhere.

  • cultivating wellbeing
  • finding calm in your career
  • enjoying the journey
  • co-creating fulfilling relationships

What you get...

Session 1 - focus, focus, focus

Session 2 - akashic records reading

Session 3 - re-define success

Session 4 - the how you want to feel plan

Session 5 - the enjoy the journey action plan

Session 6 - the keeping you on track plan

Program Format...

Time Investment - six; 30-minute  sessions; pre and post-work

Program length - 6 weeks

Start Date - as soon as you like

Early Bird Pricing - $450 + GST (until Feb 1, 2021)

Then the price goes back up to regular rates of $750

There is no trickery and tomfoolery here - you get to work one-on-one with me the whole time (no groups, just you and me, for reals)

note and caution: this program takes  fucking work!!! (there will be pre-work, post work, a good dose of ass-kicking, prodding, and pushing you gently over the edge of what you have defined success to be)


  • The Catalyst

    Once you have paid we will get you started within one week!

    Tax: +$22.50 GST



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