it's not about you,

but does start

with you!

Thank you for joining the monthly leadership conversations

Step 1 - schedule it in your calendar!

noon - 1pm (Saskatchewan time - CST part of the year MST the rest)

Jan 5, 2021; Feb 2, 2021; Mar 2, 2021; Apr 6, 2021

May 4, 2021; Jun 1, 2021; Jul 6, 2021; Aug 3, 2021

Sept 7, 2021; Oct 5, 2021; Nov 2, 2021; Dec 7, 2021

Step 2 - watch for monthly emails

about a week before each conversation date you will receive an email from with the topic and the unique zoom link and some reading and/or listening materials

Step  3 - do a bit of pre-work

we have designed these conversations to be informed conversations and with a leadership filter on them.  So the best part is to be informed, be prepared and be ready to participate in the conversation

Step  4 – show up!

Leadership is about showing up.  When you signed up for these conversations remember why you wanted to be a part of this group.  This is a space designed exactly for leaders like you to discuss the hard shit.  You can only discuss those hard leadership issues and make an impact when you show up.