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Access your Inner Truth Wisdom and Courage

  • Unveil Your Soul’s Desires

  • Awaken Your Power

  • Connect with Your Sisters

  • Conjure Joy

If you feel disconnected from your souls purpose...  that your light has been dulled... that you are only going through the motions of your life... then keep reading.

If you feel a calling to bring forth more of your gifts into the world, and you have tried everything and just cannot align your energy... then this message is just for you.

​I have built a program that I wished I would have had to align my energy.  I have taken all of my tips, practices and processes that I used to realign my energy and put it in this program. 

My beautiful friend, know that you are not alone in this.  So many people are feeling stuck right now.  They are stuck in their jobs, in their relationships and in their lives.  Collectively our energies need to be realigned and our soul’s purpose reactivated. This is not an outside job.  However though my methods, my guidance and the community we create you will be able to feel alive in your body, awakened to your power and able to conjure your joy at will.

Most people just wait for the solution to come to them, they want something to be different and don’t know where to start. 

Others, like you, know what you need to do to feel alive in your body, you already have the practices to keep your mental, physical, emotional, energetic, spiritual, akashic and ethereal bodies aligned.

How The
Wise Woman Within program will serve you

This is a time to remember, to create,
to conjure. 

This is a space for you, for community for the collective.


This is a program that brings you back into your body, into your soul, into your aligned energy.


​Each week we will introduce a new practice to get back into your body and you will leave with an inspired plan to create more of what you are seeking for.


We start with calling forth our wise woman within.  We picture who this woman is 20 years from now.  How does she walk through the world.  This is our starting point and we work backwards from there.

We will project how the wise woman within you will experience the world.  

We will identify stories, blocks and patterns that is keeping her hidden from you right now and call her into existence.,  

I will give you tools to work through how to find her, conjure her and live into her each day.


The community we co-create will surround you with support, be your sisters in creation and keep you accountable to how you wanted to walk through this world.


If you are feeling any or all of these

  • disconnected from your souls purpose...  

  • that your light has been dulled by the energy of society...   

  • that you are only going through the motions of your life...

  • out of touch with your innate gifts...

  • waiting for someone to come along and make things all better...

  • you are giving away your power... 

  • without a purpose and a tribe...     

  • lackluster in your own life...     

  • completely exhausted...

Then the Wise Woman Within Program is just what you have called forth to access the wisdom that already exists within you.

You only get one life in this body....   
Isn’t it time to align it?

Fall 2024 Waiting List is Now Open!

Spots Are now Full for Spring 2024!
If you are interested in Fall 2024 dates please email
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