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Thank You For Registering For The Catalyst Program!

Hot damn!!

Can you feel it? Just by saying yes things in the world are shifting for you. I want you to start noticing more of what you want.

Start thinking about the area you are the most excited to work on first:

  • cultivating well-being

  • finding calm in your career

  • enjoying the journey

  • co-creating fulfilling relationships


Just think if one of these areas of your life were enhanced how would it impact the other areas? If your job was more fulfilling, how would that impact your relationships at home? If you found well-being, how would that help you find calm in your career? If you really started enjoying your life, how would that change your approach to wellbeing? If you could co-create fulfilling relationships how would that change your approach to enjoying life? Fuck yah!!! They are unequivocally all tied together and start dreaming a little here.


If one of those 4 areas were off the fucking charts this year how would you start feeling?


Once you are all paid up I will send you out the first step in our six-week journey together. It is a few questions to get you started and your head in the game.


Are you ready to get started?

If you already know me and are a hell yes! Follow these quick steps:

  1. Send me a quick text me 306-596-0317,

  2. Let me know your name

  3. Type in the email you registered with

  4. I will send you off an invoice

  5. Send me an e-transfer off for the $472.50 ($450+GST)

  6. Click on the Book Online tab and get started


If you are totally drawn to this and want to be certain before you part with your time and money. Let's have a quick call just to check-in. Click on the Book Online tab to schedule a 15-minute discovery session to get all of your questions answered and to 100% know if we are right to work together. 

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