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who exactly is this workshop for?

great question!

​This workshop is designed for the results-driven leader who feels like they are doing all of the work alone and is ready to do something different because let's face it this isn't working!

​I also want to tell you who this workshop is NOT for:

  • if you already have all of the leadership answers - this is not for you!

  • if you want to tell me all the reasons everyone else is wrong and how you are right - this is not for you!

  • if you are not coachable or open to new ways of doing things - this is not for you!

  • if you do not want to change or do any of the work - this is not for you!


how much does this thing cost?

now we are getting there!

the workshop investment is...

6 hours total group training time with Jen (this training is live, and will not be recorded)

you will have homework each week!  Just a heads up.  Leadership is not about learning new things, it's about trying new things.  That’s what makes this workshop different than others you have taken.  Here we have built-in accountability to substantially increase the likelihood of using these new skills!

the price is $450 + GST CDN per person.

we designed this to be delivered over

3 weeks to make sure you have time to absorb the information, try using the concepts and tools, and are able to ask questions about what worked and what did not work.


when exactly is this workshop?

another great question!

the workshop will be delivered through zoom.

March 2021 Dates TBD

this will be live training with Jen and will not be recorded, so when you register make sure that you can move things around and be there for all 3 sessions.

Be prepared to learn, to share, to have your cameras on.  This is an interactive workshop, so if you are looking to hide out in the corner there is probably another training that is more suited for your learning needs.  


why do I even need this workshop?

the best question yet!

if you are working evenings and weekends to get the work done - you need this workshop!

if you are frustrated with your team - you need this workshop!

if you do things yourself because it is faster, but you don't want to do them yourself - you need this workshop!

if you have to explain yourself over and over again and you want to learn a better way to communicate - you need this workshop!

if you feel like you are a glorified babysitter - you fundamentally need this workshop!

if you find leadership overwhelming and stressful - you absolutely need this workshop!


what exactly will I be learning here?

damn you ask great questions!

each workshop will have tools, tips, tricks, and homework.  Yep, homework is included in this workshop.

Because if you are looking to gain leadership skills, that means you will have to try new things out, you will have to get out of your comfort zone.  Likely you are reading this because what you are doing right now is not working out as you want it to.  If it was, you would be happily enjoying your leadership journey and having an amazing impact.

Session 1 | I this session is designed to look at how you are showing up as leaders.  I bet you are being hard on yourself and beating yourself up.  If you are, that is totally normal and you are not the only one.  We are going to work to shift that.  There are a few cool tools and exercises we will be playing with during these two hours.

Session 2 | we will be looking at how to shift your perspective as a leader.  Leadership is not about you; it is about working with your team to unlock their potential to deliver joint impact.  So, if your team is struggling, you are struggling, that’s just how it goes.  We will work through the perspective wheel and talk about how you show up and how that will impact and ultimately how your team shows up.  

Session 3 | all about empowering your team.  The results happen through your team.  So, when you think things like "my job would be easier if I didn’t have to manage people"- you are missing the point of leadership.  Leadership is all about empowering your team, communicating to them, and creating a space that really allows them to show up as their best.  Because when your team is at their best, they will be excited to do their jobs.  And who doesn’t want an excited empowered employee?


Just a warning here, what excited looks like to you is not the same as what excited looks like for everyone. In each session, we will explore how different people need different things to do their best.  This is not about changing how you are, but all about creating a safe environment for them to be their best at work.


what else do I need to know?

keep asking great questions!

there is no exact formula for being a great leader.  I hate to burst your bubble.  Now that being said, maybe you are thinking, why should I invest my time into leadership training then?  Again, another insightful question.  

Leadership constantly shifts, because as humans we are also constantly shifting.  And leadership is not about you.  But training like this is all about building relationships, pushing your comfort zone, trying new techniques.  Training and continuous learning keep your leadership journey top of mind


What we focus on expands, so if you are focusing on growing as a leader you will be open to new concepts in the leadership realm.  

Another thought for you, leaders never stop growing.  It does not matter how many years you have been a leader, the best leaders continue to learn, to grow, and to get better.  

A New Way to Lead - waitlist
A New Way to Lead - waitlist
Date and Time TBD (March 2021)
Zoom Access
I'm ready for the weekend.  Are you___._

I' m Jen and I am so glad you have found you way here!

I guarantee that if you are open and ready to do some work, you will get so much value from this training!  

I can't wait to see you there!

Get registered and lets go!

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