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the new way to lead

the workshop

**2023 Dates TBD**

Imagine delivering results without the stress,

having a team that is engaged without the drama, and

feeling sane through it all... 

I help results-driven leaders stop being so hard on themselves

in 3 easy ways

without wasting a bunch of time they don't have!

"Leadership is just too hard"

" I don't have enough time"

"It's faster to just do it myself!"

"My job would be so much easier if I didn't have to babysit anyone"

"I don't have time to explain then

re-explain things to people,

why don't they just get it the first time?"

well, that's all absolute bullshit!

what if these are the exact stories that are getting in your way?

the new way to lead

the workshop

if you love to work evenings and weekends to get your shit done, by all means, keep doing what you are doing, 

but if you are ready to try something different...


Way 1

stop being so damn hard on yourself


Way 2

shift your perspective


Way 3

empower your team

"Being a leader isn't about you,

but it absolutely starts with you!"

This is the exact reason Jen created

the new way to lead

~ Jen, CEO Intentional You Coaching and Consulting

the workshop


I don't have time for training.

I've got shit to get done now!

I know that time is a big deal to you.  I have been there! Taking time out of your day seems so counter-intuitive.


What I know for sure is if you don't try something different, then everything will continue to feel exactly it does right now. 


How long do you think you can keep operating like this before you burnout?


So what exactly will I learn?

how to stop being so hard on yourself

  • the three levels of leadership and where you need to start to have an impact as a leader

  • tactics to keep your energy levels high even through the stressful times

  • awareness that your energy directly impacts how others show up and how to be intentional about it


how to shift your perspective

  • how to communicate to avoid confusion

  • ways to understand where others are coming from and saves time from re-communicating

  • tricks and tools that work to shift your perspective



how to empower your team

  • the 4 components to successful delegation

  • reasons why letting go of control will allow your team to produce better results

  • why setting and managing expectations is so powerful in getting fast results

We know that you can get leadership training anywhere, but training with Jen is different.


She actually cares about your results

not just about disseminating information!

Don't just take our word for it,

scroll below to see what others like you are saying about the way she delivers training


Jennifer is a great trainer and facilitator. She provides materials in a relevant and effective way because she listens to the needs of her audience. She’s also interested in learning and growing as a whole person and her enthusiasm and curiosity are contagious!

— Angela F,  Consultant

"Jennifer’s incredible energy and motivation are contagious. I have attended some of her workshops and have to say that her insightfulness and mindful approach created an environment for connection, reflection, and growth. I have truly had invaluable light bulb moments during her courses. If you are seeking a resource for personal for professional development, I highly recommend her"

— Robin T, Manager


Jennifer brings a genuine abundance of energy and enthusiasm to coaching and leadership development that can be rare to find. Her advice and mentoring nudged me to advanced my education, and I've often thought of her words and actions as I progress through my life and career. I'm lucky to have crossed paths with her as a government executive, a graduate instructor, and a coach, and she has been exceptional in all those roles.

— Jared D, Analyst

I was very fortunate to have participated in several workshops facilitated by Jennifer.  She is very engaging, is generous in sharing her expertise and insights, and encourages thoughtful discussion. I always left her workshops feeling empowered and excited to apply what I learned

— Colleen M, Advisor

ask Jen your question about

the new way to lead

the workshop


still have questions?

no worries, I get it


parting with your valuable time

has to absolutely worth it!

email Jen with your questions

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