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The Catalyst

n - the spark that brings you to see the good shit in life

the one-on-one coaching program

What if you had a magic wand and could create time?

Time to rest, time to laugh so hard you almost pee your pants, time to have more fucking fun, time to be the bomb!

You know that kind of time.

"I feel like a robot in my own life"

"My family comes first, so I don't have time for me"

"I don't deserve to be any  happier when there are so many people who have nothing!"

"My life is okay..."

"There is lots of time left to live my life, I just need to focus on my family right now"

Well, that's ALL absolute bullshit!

What if these are the exact stories that are getting

in your way of really feeling like the bomb again!

the bomb

"Your hair is in a perfect stand up wave with a healthy dose of AquaNet, you have your new mini-skirt on while listening to Def Leppard on your sony walkman. "

Instead of only wondering when Melrose Place and

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure is coming to Netflix

The Catalyst

The One-on-one Coaching Program

If you are happy with "getting though" life, then by all means continue to just get by,

but if you are ready to get clear about what the fuck you want in your life, then this is the program for you!


Session 4

Get real on how you wanna feel


Session 5

Build an action plan that is fun and that you will actually do


Session 6

Keepin' you on track plan


Session 1



Session 2

Identify what the hell is holding you back


Session 3

Re-define success

"No more living like strange things are afoot at the Circle K, instead make life an excellent adventure and party on dudes!"

~ minimally adapted from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure - by your tour guide of this program

Jen, CEO and founder of Intentional You Coaching and Consulting


I don't have time for this program.

I've got shit to get done now!

I know that time is a big deal for you.  I have been there! Taking time out of your day seems so counter-intuitive.


What I know for sure is if you don't try something different, then everything will continue to feel exactly it does right now. 


How long do you think you can keep operating like this before you turn into the principal from Ferris Bueller's Day Off?


Give yourself
the gift of

So what exactly will I get?

1. Focus, focus, focus

  • We will start with confirming what area of your life you want to focus on.  You will choose from the following areas.  And yes you can only choose one at this time. A good rule of thumb, choose the area you are the most excited to see a change in!

    • cultivating wellbeing

    • finding calm in your career

    • enjoying the journey

    • co-creating fulfilling relationships

2. Identify what the hell is holding you back

  • We will dip into your akashic records to get to the heart of what has held you back in the past.  No, we are not doing weird past life regression shit, talking to a relative who has passed or psychic reading; the akashic records are more like tapping into your subconscious intuition.  Here we are going to uncover important themes on what has kept you stuck from taking action.  We will also find out other things you need to be aware of in your conscious as you take action.  This is going to be huge when we dive into your plans on how you want to feel, the action you are going to take and the plan you are actually going to stick to!

3. Re-define success

  • This is the big work.  Well, who the hell am I kidding, it is all big work.  But this is where we deprogram ourselves from what we have been conditioned to think success is.  Does this sound familiar?  If you work hard in school, go to university, find a good job with a pension, get married, buy a big house, have kids, keep climbing the corporate ladder, when you turn 65 you can start enjoying the prosperity of all your hard work!  WTF!!!  This seems ridiculous when you think about it, but so many people define success like this.  This is your chance to start breaking free from this conditioning of society and start really planning what is going to make you happy now, not in 20 or 30 more fucking years!  Wait let that one sink in a little.  Are you prepared to work another 20-30 years before you start enjoying your life?


4. Get real on how you wanna feel

  • We are going to build on your new definition of success and start wrapping how you want to feel around the success markers.  Achievement is one thing, but how you feel is completely different.  We are going to put how you feel at the centre of it all.  This really is the point, isn't it?  To live the moment, to feel joy, to have fun, to laugh, to have experiences that make you excited to wake up each day.  Where you no longer are forced to be powered by caffeine and you drink coffee each morning because you revel in the experience of it.  Just imagine having time to enjoy your coffee, to inhale the aroma, to savour that first sip as it rolls down the back of your tongue.  How you can feel the warmth in your belly and just by that act the blood in your veins jump with pure excitement.



5. Build an action plan

that is fun and that you will actually complete

  • Okay, question here.  How many times have you stopped and started in this area?  Where you wanted something different and had great intentions and nothing?  That is totally cool if it is more than once.  Actually, it is quite normal if it is a bunch of fucking times.  What we are going to do differently is infuse fun into the plan.  Have lots of time to celebrate, to feel good.  I know this might sound a bit silly, but the best plans are the ones you actually do.  We are going to use the methodology of plan-do-check and adjust.  This means that the plan is flexible, when things don't quite work as planned we adust the plan not abandon the ship.  Here we build in flexibility, compassion and action.

6. Keepin' you on track

  • Even with the most amazing, well thought out plan, there is still room for shit to go sideways.  Actually, I am telling you upfront that there will be days you want to say fuck it, there are going to be days that feel so easy and there are going to be days you need a bit of an ass-kicking to keep on track.  This is life, we get derailed, shiny objects pop up and shit gets real.  This plan is going to keep you focused, anchored and on track.  Nothing is perfect in life and there are no guarantees, but we are going to explore what pops you off the track and what is going to be the things that keep you focused. 

We know that you can find clarity programs everywhere,

but training with Jen is different.


She actually cares about your results
not just about getting you signed up

When you say yes!

You will only work with Jen in

one-on-one sessions for
the full 6-week program

There is no group stuff, no hidden trainers,
no alter-egos, no fine print, no canned program.  

Just a simple program and the ability to work through it with a professionally trained coach and expert ass-kicker!

Don't just take our word for it,

scroll below to see what others like you are saying about the way she delivers training


Jen is amazing.  You can see her passion truly helping others find their passion. She is down to earth and makes you feel like you can do anything. She also makes things fun!  I would recommend working with Jen! She has a way of providing you with the support you need. She is a genuine person and so passionate about helping people. 

— Robyn M

Letting the edges of my comfort zone be more fluid; which has brought much-needed opportunity and energy back into my life.   She gives me language when things are foggy; She challenges me by holding me in one spot when I want to squirm to something that is more comfortable; She is able to borrow from her wealth of professional experience and provide stories/mentorship if that is what is needed in the moment.

— Jill R


I learned things from Jenn – it wasn’t the same old repackaged webinar.  Her credentials got my attention since I run into a lot of people trying to pull me in their direction.  She possessed a sincerity and authenticity that is rare.  I now have my goals on a whiteboard next to my desk and I look at it every day and have already taken action.  It makes me feel productive and happy with myself.  She also taught me about finding my tribe and I started implementing that into my goal setting.  Yes, I honestly meet 100’s of people in a year and I have a keen eye for fraud.  I have a lot of people that try for mine or my husband’s attention and time and money.  I liked Jenn right off and have shared things that I would not feel comfortable sharing with others.  She is the Coach that a Leader could turn too.  She absolutely gets my highest recommendation. 

- Roberta M

The realization that I am not alone in my struggle to have joy. Being in the room with others who are also searching and getting to hear some of their thoughts and experiences. I think that helped in the learning process of what Jen was teaching.  I would definitely recommend working with Jen. She is a very positive person and really has a way of connecting with you.

- Kim S

Ask Jen your question about

the Catalyst program

My hope for you for 2021 is that you are so intentional about your life

that you...

  • laugh so hard you cry

  • find magic every day

  • are excited to get out of bed

  • have so much fun that people start saying you are so optimistic it's annoying

  • you are a beacon of fucking joy and good vibes


Still have questions?

No worries, I get it


Parting with your valuable time

has to absolutely worth it!

Email Jen with your questions

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