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Who exactly is this mini-workshop for?

Great question girl!

​This workshop is designed for those of you who want to laugh again (the kind where you almost pee your pants laughing.)  For people who are wanting to actually enjoy the journey of life and not just share memes about it on social media.  It is for the person who has that feeling like there is more to life out there.  For those who have this niggling feeling that life is passing you by and wondering when the fun is going to start.  It is for you if you are ready to really live life again

It is for those who want to feel excited about one area of their life:

  • cultivating wellbeing

  • finding calm in your career

  • enjoying the journey

  • co-creating fulfilling relationships

​I also want to tell you who this workshop is NOT for:

  • if you already have all of the answers to life and want to preach about it, but are not living it - this is not for you!

  • if you want to tell me all the reasons why this won't work for you - this is not for you!

  • if you are not coachable or open to new ideas - this is not for you!

  • if you do not want to change or do any of the work - this is not for you!


How much does this thing cost?

Now we are getting there!

The Catalyst Program investment is...

3 hours total of one-on-one time with Jen over 6 weeks.  There will also be a bunch of time you will spend on your own, working through the worksheets and tools for that week.  

This is not a pre-recorded video, this is not a group call, this is a program where Jen will work with you right where you are at.

You will have homework each week!  Just a heads up.  Living your best life is not about learning new things, it's about trying new things.  That’s what makes this workshop different than others you have taken.  Here we have built-in accountability to substantially increase the likelihood of actually living into the life you design!

The price is $450 + GST CDN for this program until February 1, 2021.  Then the price will go back to the full price of $750 +GST.

I designed this to be delivered over

6 weeks to make sure you have time to absorb the information, try using the concepts and tools, and are able to ask questions about what worked and what did not work.


When exactly will this program start?

Another great question!

The Catalyst Program will be delivered through zoom or phone call if you prefer.

It starts as soon as you have transferred your molla and when you are ready to do so.  

It is ideal to start within 7 days of transfering the money, that way the energy that got you excited will still be with you.


This will be live training | one-on-one training with Jen and will not be recorded.  This is not a group program, this is not a pre-recorded program, this is a program designed for you to work through questions, a workbook and tools and then in the six - 30 minutes session with Jen, she will help you to:

  • get clear

  • get past your bullshit

  • gain confidencee

Be prepared to learn, to share, and to do some important work.  This is an interactive program, that requires you to do your work.  Jen is there for support, to kick your ass, to hold you up, to encourage you forward, to celebrate with you!


Why do I even need this program?

The best question yet!

If you are exhausted all the time because you never take time for yourself - you need this program

If you are a bit bored with your life - you need this program!

If you do things because you have to and not because you want to - you need this program!

If you give all of your time to make your family happy, but you feel like you have nothing left to give to yourself - you need this program!

If you feel like you are always on autopilot and haven't laughed in days or weeks - you fundamentally need this program!

If you find that you have lost the zest for life that you once had - you absolutely need this program!


What exactly will I be learning here?

Damn you ask great questions!

Each session will have tools, tips, tricks, and homework.  Yep, homework is included in this program.

Because if you are looking to design that area of your life that excites the fuck outta you.  That means you will have to try new things out, you will have to get out of your comfort zone.  Likely you are reading this because what you are doing right now is not working out as you want it to.  If it was, you would be happily enjoying your life and finding ways to take adventures even in light of being smack dab in the middle of a pandemic.

Session 1 - focus, focus, focus

Session 2 - akashic records reading

Session 3 - re-define success

Session 4 - the how you want to feel plan

Session 5 - the enjoy the journey action plan

Session 6 - the keeping you on track plan

The dets are on the previous page - you can go back to check it out there.


Just a warning here, what success looks like to you is not the same as what success looks like for everyone. In each session, we will explore how you need different things to do your best.  This is not about changing who you are, but all about creating a safe environment to help you design, live and enjoy the fuck out of your life!  You will focus and choose one of these 4 areas to start with: 

  • cultivating wellbeing

  • finding calm in your career

  • enjoying the journey

  • co-creating fulfilling relationships


What else do I need to know?

Keep asking great questions!

There is no exact formula, process, or magic pill for living a life you love.  I hate to burst your bubble.  Now that being said, maybe you are thinking, why should I invest my time, my energy and my money into this program then? Again, another insightful question.  

Your definition of a successful life constantly shifts, because as humans we are also constantly shifting.  And you are here to enjoy the fuck out of this life! But training like this is all about getting clear, pushing your comfort zone, trying new techniques. Training and continuous learning keep your dreams, your life, and your enjoyment of that life journey top of mind


What we focus on expands, so if you are focusing on enjoying life, having fun, and growing as a person you will be open to new concepts in this program.  

Another thought for you, people who squeeze the juice out of life never stop growing.  It does not matter how old you are, the best of us continue to learn, to grow, and have fun doing it!  

I am so fucking excited you have found you way here!

I guarantee that if you are open and ready to do some work, you will get so much value from this program!  

Can't wait to see you there!

Get registered and let's go!

I'm ready for the weekend.  Are you___._
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